2018 Stats Projection – Hansel Robles

Do you remember Hansel when he first came up? So good! Do you remember him last year? The opposite! In what has essentially become a meme for Mets fans, Robles pointing up signaling a pop up for a ball leaving the bell park, Robles struggled last year. Someone in the Mets organization was still very much high on Robles’ potential and Robles was not cut this off-season during the roster crunch. He had a bad spring and the Mets stayed true to their word, citing performance as the dictator of assignment, sent Roblems to Vegas. Injuries came and brought him back to Queens, how do the computers think he’ll do?

Hansel Robles
Source Innings ERA FIP WHIP K BB K/BB K/9
Baseball Prospectus 50 4.34 1.34 55 9.9
ZiPS 76.3 4.36 4.4 81 37 2.189189 9.554391
Steamer 30 4.51 4.65 1.39 30 14 2.142857 9
ESPN 64 5.06 1.52 66 37 1.783784 9.28125
Baseball Reference 61 4.28 1.311 63 26 2.423077 9.295082
Average: 56.26 4.51 4.525 1.39025 59 28.5 2.134727 9.406145
2017 Stats: 56.7 4.92 5.13 1.341 60 29 2.068966 9.52381

The computers don’t think Robles will be as bad as last year in terms of ERA, but somehow will be worse in WHIP. Basically, the projections don’t give a lot of hope for Robles. Hopefully the Mets don’t need to rely on him but if he can find that magic early on his career, that would be nice.

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