2018 Stats Projection – Rafael Montero

I debated writing this article because Rafael Montero is out for the entire season. I pulled half the data that I normally use before his injury, and figured I wouldn’t probably write about him for a year, so what the hell let’s just go with it.

Montero was incredibly frustrating last year. Once he got pulled into the rotation he started pitching well. Then he started being terrible again. WHICH MONTERO WOULD WE GET?!

This debate must have continued through the off-season as Robles and Montero survived the January cuts to the 40 man as intriguing players like Josh Smoker got cut. Someone in the organization was rooting for Montero.

Rafael Montero
Source Innings ERA FIP WHIP K BB K/BB K/9
Baseball Prospectus 57 4.83 1.54 54 8.526316
ZiPS 138.3 5.07 4.71 72 20 3.6 4.685466
ESPN 64 5.63 1.56 63 35 1.8 8.859375
Baseball Reference 103 5.24 1.592 101 52 1.942308 8.825243
Average: 90.575 5.1925 4.71 1.564 72.5 35.66667 2.447436 7.7241
2017 Stats: 119 5.52 4.37 1.748 114 67 1.701493 8.621849

Montero had a terrible spring. As the chorus of calls to cut him from the roster started to rise, Montero suffered a year ending injury thus saving the Mets from making a decision they’ve been reluctant to for years.

I still have hope for Montero, he shows just enough hope to keep me hooked.

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