Todd Frazier over Nunez And What’s Next

Earlier this month we posted two articles here and here reviewing all of the Mets options at 2nd and 3rd for the upcoming season including Cabrera, Reyes, Nunez, Walker, Harrison, Frazier, Phillips and Escobar.

Our conclusion back then was the best move for the Mets would be to trade for Harrison, sign Frazier and then move Cabrera. These articles were written before I attended the QBC, heard Nimmo talk and now I never want to get rid of him. That would nix any trade with the Pirates for Harrison.

With Harrison off the table, the best move for the Mets was signing Frazier and moving Cabrera over. Cabrera is not good at third base (1 DRS last year, but -2.6 UZR), Nunez is even worse at second (-4 DRS, -1.8 UZR). Frazier has a 10 DRS and 6.7 UZR last year which makes up for Cabrera’s poor play at second base (plus each of the alternatives for second are terrible outside of Harrison, click the top links).

Frazier isn’t a knockout, blockbuster type signing, but he is the signing the Mets need. There is too much focus on the lack of stolen bases on this team. The jury is still out on the advantage of having a team that steal bases (considering Keith Law’s Smart Baseball, the jury may have already decided and the answer is no, they don’t work).  The advantage that Nunez had compared to other players (Reyes, Walker, etc) was not wearing a Mets jersey in the last three years. That’s the Nunez appeal.

The ToddFather solves a need for the Mets and the Mets got him for a great price and a relative good length of contract.

Now that the Mets have a bargain contract for Frazier, they should do 1-2 more moves. Sign Alex Cobb and Tony Watson. If the the Mets sign both of them they can put together a strong squad going into the season.

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