Reese Havens Retires, The Perpetual Prospect

The Mets drafted Reese Havens in 2008, back then, the Mets were finally able to draft players in the first round after a couple of years of signing their draft picks away. In 2008, the Mets drafted Ike Davis, Brad Holt and Reese Havens. Havens was instantly considered a prospect in the middle infield. Back in 2009, I wrote a prospect preview and in 2008 I wrote a draft pick review, both covering his status as a prospect and his stats in college.

He was considered a Mets Top Ten Prospect by Baseball America for a while:

  • 2009 – #8
  • 2010 – #7
  • 2011 – #6
  • 2012 – #9

Reese Havens was constantly held back by injuries. Each of those seasons above saw a multitude of articles predicting his future in the middle of the Mets infield, especially at a time where second base was a mystery (pre-Murphy Mets) and a need at short stop (post-Reyes Mets). Its sad that injuries curtailed his career.

Wishing him the best on his future endeavors!

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