2014 Uniform Change: Minnesota Twins Officially Add All Star Patch, Twins Now Have Four Sleeve Patches

The MLB added their 2014 collection to most (if not all) teams yesterday a few teams, like the Twins, finally updated their uniforms for the 2014 season. Minnesota will be hosting the All-Star game this year and like the Mets did last year, and most teams have done in the past, they have added patches to all of their uniforms.

What makes the Twins different is the Twins have three different sleeve patches on their uniforms, therefore the All-Star Logo, which looks good on its own merit and with Target Field, doesn’t necessarily fit with all jerseys (Edit: this post does a poor job of showing the patches, so click here for a better look):



The only jersey it doesn’t really fit is on the middle jersey. The All Star Patch has a semi-retro font and on a retro jersey that has fonts of a different era, it just doesn’t really fit, even though the patches have similar shapes.

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