July 16th will be the first installment of our “Mets Baseball Card of the Day” Series!

The goal of the series is really simple: share images of baseball cards that have some sort of meaning with Mets fans.

That means some of the players will be heroes, some of the players will be zeros. Some of the cards are beautiful, some will have you wondering what the designers were thinking.


However, I’m working off of a collections of cards I unearthed from about half a decade ago. If you have any cards, please send them to me at elliotteichman@gmail.com

If your card has not been featured yet, it will almost definitely will be. However it may take a while. At the bottom of each entry is the date when the entry was written, so if your card is added to next spot in the rotation, it may be a month, a few months, a year down the road, depending on how many days have entries (I will let you know after your submission a date and time when your card will be featured).