Mets Conclude A Busy Night: Frank Francisco, Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez

Very soon after signing Jon Rauch to a one year deal, the Mets completed two additional moves. If you are just waking up and have no idea what happened last night then here's a brief run down:

– Jon Rauch signed to a one-year deal for 3.5 Million

– Frank Francisco signed to a two-year deal for 12 million

– Angel Pagan traded to the Giants for Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez

Rauch and Francisco, the two pithcers slotting to round out the bullpen, won't turn any heads in the closer department (especially in a division that has Papelbon, Bell, Kimbrel and Storen) but it is a much better situation then what the Mets currently have. As for the bullpen overall, it is considerably stronger now with these three pitchers than it was before (not saying that it is now strong). As reported last night, Rauch has an ERA of 4.85 with 11 saves for the Jays last year while Francisco has 17 saves with an ERA of 3.55.

I am very intrigued by Ramon Ramirez who had a 3-3 record over 68.2 innings with a 2.62 ERA. His career ERA is 3.16 and in the last four seasons, his ERA has been below 3.00. This seems like a good a addition, especially for the price.

Finally, the Mets acquired Torres, who is coming off of a dreadful 2011 where he batted .221 with only 29 extra base hits. In 2010 he was a .268 hitter with 43 doubles, 8 triples and 16 homers. In 2009 he was a .270 hitter with 6 doubles, 8 triples, 6 homers (400 less AB's then 2010). This trade is of course is to get a change of scenery for both players. It could be a very interesting development throughout this season.

Of course, I'm not getting my hopes up over these three relievers. They would be good final pieces to a puzzle, but the Mets are just not at that stage yet, and probably (almost definitely, barring a miracle season by several players) won't be there this season. The Daily News puts better words to it:

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