Mets Young Pitching Impressing (In the Minors)

While the starting pitching in the major league continues to sway from amazing to horrible, there are a few players in the minors that have gotten the 2011 season off to a strong start, and could provide some interesting internal solutions either this season or next season, depending on the age or experience of the player. Here are some interesting stats to look at:

Jenry Mejia (Buffalo): 1-2, 5 G, 28.1 IP, 2.86 ERA, 14 BB, 21 K

Matthew (Matt) Harvey (St. Lucie): 4-1, 5 G, 26.1 IP, 1.37 ERA, 9 BB, 30 K

Mark Cohoon (Binghamton): 1-1, 4 G, 25.0 IP, 1.44 ERA, 5 BB, 25 K

Chris Schwinden (Buffalo): 1-0, 3 G, 15.2 IP, 1.15 ERA, 6 BB, 17 K

Out of the above list, the only pitcher I would consider moving up this season would be Schwinden, only due to his age. He was born in 1986, and since the others are more serious prospects that need to be groomed, I think we could roll the dice with Chris if necessary. He started the season in AA where he was a relief pitcher and has gotten off to a strong start in AAA if he continues, he could be an interesting option to turn to down the road.

The other three pitchers are looking for rolls with the Mets in 2012 and with their numbers, they will be a hard to ignore. They all have been stellar early in 2011 with fantastic BB to K ratios. Harvey is probably the biggest surprise out of the group since it is his first season with the Mets, and a lot of people, or at least myself, didin't expect the Mets first round draft pick from last season to get off to such a strong start, striking out 30 batters over 26.1 innings. Cohoon started to become a name people spread around last season, and the talk around the Mets pundits (that is exactly how I picture all of us if we sat around a table with cameras pointed at us) basically all said the same thing that he would be a serious contender for 2012 if he had a strong 2011 campaign, and it looks like he is off to that right now.

Lot's to be excited about.

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