Signings You May Have Missed

In all of the excitement with Bay to the Mets, the possible (and not possible) availability of Carlos Zambrano, and Matt Holiday, there has been very little coverage of five minor signings that have occurred from yesterday to today.

The Phillies have been busy with one major league signing and one minor league signing. On the major league side, the Phillies added another arm to their bullpen in the form of Danys Baez. Baez just finished a contract with the Orioles where he had an up and down time where he pitched poorly and pitched well. He is coming off of a better year than 08, when he didn't play at all, and a poor 07. The contract is said to be for two years. The other players the Mets signed is Tagg Bozied, who was a big prospect several years ago, and then suffered a major injury in 2004 in a celebration. He played for an AAA team last season. He is 30 years old.

The Cubs have signed Marlon Byrd to a three year contract today. Yesterday the catcher's market got slightly smaller as the Rockies negotiated a one year deal with Miguel Olivio, which leaves Torrebela with one less option and leaves more compeption for the Mets catching job that Molina is holding out on.

Another NL East move happened yesterday as Kelly Johnson ended his time with the Braves. The Brave who caused the Mets much grief in the last several seasons has signed a one year contract with the Diamondbacks. I'm pretty glad to see him not in the division anymore.

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