Baseball and Yellow Jackets

This past Friday I was supposed to go to Camden Yards. Last season was the first season in probably about 5 or 6 years that I didn't make it down to Camden Yards in Baltimore at least once. I lived my life practically outside of Baltimore and DC so I have no excuse for not making the trip. I really wanted to go also to give a review of the stadium, and article that is a year overdue, because last season they made a lot of updates in the AV development of the park. They had new color scoreboards around the decks, two new color monitors on the center field scoreboard and a huge new color monitor on the right field wall for the out of town scoreboard, which used to be a bunch of lightbulbs and was very hard to read. The changes have made the amazing stadium even better.

Well this trip was going to have to wait. I went to a gas station because gas is a pretty useful thing when you need to drive somewhere (it was going to be my first time driving to the game as well since I moved outside of DC, when I lived outside of Baltimore I took the subway, or they call it the Metro here, down to the park). I drive a Windstar minivan and when I opened the metal covering that leads to the top of the gas cap, I was staring at a Yellow Jacket making a hive in that space. That's right, I was transporting a live hive. So I quickly shut the flap, called my friends and said I could not go to the game and then went off to Target to get some spray and kill the nest in my van. I have to say, out of all the problems that can happen to a car, this is probably my favorite.

Yellow Jackets 1
Elliot Watching Live Baseball 0

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