Game Preview: Nationals vs Mets (Going For the Sweep)

For the third time this season, the Mets will attempt to sweep a team and build a winning streak. They have not done this yet, but they are hoping to make it happen tomorrow and, this may surprise you (or not, depends on how cynical you are), statistically speaking it could be a tough day for the Mets tomorrow. The Nationals will be sending rookie “sensation” Jordan Zimmerman to the mound as the Mets will be sending out the enigma named Oliver Perez.

Oliver started off the season with a horrible start. Then he was brilliant. Then he was brilliant but then faltered. On the season he is 1-1 over his first three games with a 7.80 ERA, 15.0 IP, 13 ER, 12 BB, and 15 K. He will try to follow Pelfrey and drop his ERA and be effective but its against a team that he has struggled in the past against. Last season he faced the Nationals three times and in 15.2 innings, allowed 15 earned runs over 9 BB and 14 K. Here are the numbers the Nationals have put up against Perez:
    Dunn 6-25, 2 2B, 3 HR
    Kearns 8-27, 2B, 3 HR
    Willmingham 7-22, 2B, 3 HR, 8 BB
    Belliard 4-17
    Dukes 0-2
Just about every National has a good hitting record against Perez. He is going to have to climb over the numbers and more importantly, climb over his own head to shut down this team and be the pitcher the Mets are not only paying him to be, but to be the pitcher the Mets need him to be. Especially with an unknown foe, the Mets will really benefit from a good outing.

The Nationals will be sending out Jordan Zimmerman to the mound. In Spring, he went 1-1 over 5 games and 14 innings where he allowed only 2 walks and struck out 20. His ERA during that time was a very nice 3.14. His last start was his first MLB start of the season as he got the win over 6 innings of work, allowed 2 earned runs, walked one and struck out 3. He had one MiLB start this season in AAA where he was very human and allowed 3 ER over 5 IP, walked one and struck out 4. The Mets for some reason get very confused with new pitchers. Hopefully they will be able to hit him and back up Perez and get the sweep. Lets Go Mets. Sweep the Nationals!

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