Spring Training Game Preview: Nationals vs Mets

Recapping Wednesday:
The Mets had an off day yesterday and the day before that they lost to the Cardinals 3-0 on the road. For the most part, the Mets pitching was fine. Oswalt allowed 1 run off 2 hits in 4.0 innings while striking out 3, which was a great improvement from his time out before that where he allowed 5 runs in 2.2 innings. Familia and Betances came in after him allowing a walk each and striking out a player each. Familia’s ERA has dropped 1.50 (also has a lot of walks). Continuing his great spring, Castro allowed a hit and nothing else. Blevins hit a few bumps with 2 runs, 1 earned in his inning of work.

There wasn’t much going for the Mets at the plate as they scattered 4 hits. Lindor got on base twice, his spring OPS sitting at 1.059. McNeil got a double and McCann racked up another hit keeping his batting average above .300. Nimmo and Alonso had their first rough day in a while going a combined 0-7 with no walks.

What We Are Watching For Tonight:
David Peterson.

That’s what we’re watching tonight! This is David Peterson’s game as he continues to fight for a spot in the rotation. Time is running down with spring training games left. In two games Peterson has allowed 3 runs from 6 hits over 6.0 innings with two walks and a strikeout. With Yamamoto already announced to be in minors to start the season, Peterson’s spot looks safe for now. But the Mets may play around with the idea of an opener – maybe having Peterson and Montgomery/Gsellman combine for a start. And ultimately Peterson is really pitching right now to stick around once Carrasco and Syndgergaard come back.

So we are focusing on Peterson tonight!

Let’s Go Mets!

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