2019 Mets Projections Review: Yoenis Cespedes

Every spring at 213 we gather a whole bunch of projections for players and average them together to see what a conglomerate of baseball sources think a given player will perform over the year. It’s wholly unscientific – averaging averages and not weighting them for previous accuracy or amount of playing time they feel a player will see.

Look, part of the reason we are doing this for Yoenis Cespedes is I’m a completionist and since I wrote a projection article for him at the start of the year, I just can’t leave it out.

Last year we wrote about how the Mets really messed up his injury situation, making it much worse. We were hoping for a July/August return and the computers spat out the following projections for him:

Obviously none of this would actually happen.

We found out last week that Cespedes broke his ankle at his ranch in May due to an incident with a wild Boar because this is the New York Mets and nothing can be normal, especially when it is injury related.

So what about 2020? Who knows. Projections are going to have a hell of a time trying to figure out his health and his playing time situation with the Mets.

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