Orioles Already Had a Bullpen Day…And It Worked

Towards the end of Spring Training the Orioles lost Alex Cobb due to injury. Reports right now is that he should be ready for the home opener on Thursday. (Mets fans, Cobb should sound familiar. When the Mets were interested in signing Jason Vargas last year, there was another group of fans that wanted the Mets to go after Alex Cobb instead).

So the Orioles did something a little unusual for this early in the season – they scheduled a bullpen day (hoping to capitalize on the amount of off-days early on in their schedule). The plan was to just put a ton of righties against the Yankees lineup.

And here’s the end result:

So the Orioles are now 1-1, and at least won’t go 0-162. I think everyone is pulling for them this season, it’s hard not to love a team where everything is against them.

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