One Week – Two Modern Renders of New MLB Ballparks

Last week the Oakland Athletics and Portland both released renders of how their future ballparks. The difference being, Oakland has a team and make the ball park a reality (finally) and Portland doesn’t have a team yet. In an error when almost every team tries to make a ballpark that looks retro, both ballparks seem like modern marvels:


I love parks, so I’m a huge fan of Oakland’s new park that looks like the upper deck is a sloping park terrace. This new park takes openness to its most fundamental level as it feels completely open and at the same time feels whimsical, something not emphasized at any major league park.

Also redeveloping the old ballpark into a huge park and playable field with bowl seats is an awesome idea (as long as the public actually has the ability to play in the bowl, and the bowl doesn’t end up behind a fence).


Portland’s ballpark feels more traditional, especially with the wall of seats behind the mound that look to have a more limited view from the concourse at the top level. From first base, to the outfield back to third base is where this ballpark’s modern look comes from. There are definitely some Tampa Bay vibes here as well with a glass ceiling.

Will this ballpark happen? Who knows. Portland is definitely a favorite city along with Montreal, San Juan and Mexico City to get an expansion club.

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