Non-Tenders The Mets Should Look At

The non-tender deadline has gotten more interesting the last couple of years as players on the tender/nontender bubble are not making significantly less than free agents, thus teams rather risk it than going to arbitration to save money. There are some names the Mets should consider on the non-tender list as they retool their bench for 2019.

While the Mets have had an absurd amount of injuries the last couple of years, that hasn’t excused their lack of depth from the bench, mostly because the Mets have been bringing back the same group of players and hoping for something different.

Who could the Mets target?

Billy Hamilton: The player everyone has already heard about non-tendered, Hamilton would make a lot of sense on the Mets from a defense standpoint. He essentially works as a second Juan Lagares, and knowing Juan Lagares, it means Hamilton could be the only Juan Lagares if Juan is injured. Would he accept the role though of being 4th/5th outfielder with haphazard playing time?

Blake Parker: He has a 128 ERA+ with a velocity problem. Ultimately if the goal is to overload the pen, and the Mets still have another spot, and Parker hasn’t found a home yet, why not roll the dice?

Robbie Grossman: If the Mets don’t get Billy Hamilton, or anyone else, they need another outfielder. Tne minors are bare of players. Robbie gets on base and would have to be alright initially projecting as a 4th of 5th outfielder.

Mike Fiers: If the Mets needed a low risk competition for Jason Vargas, this could be it. I see Fiers working if by spring training he doesn’t have a contract yet and the Mets give him a contract he can walk out of if he doesn’t make the team.

Matt Davidson: Honestly I put him here because I’m fascinated by two-way players and he may try to dabble in relief.

Chris Owings: The Mets need players on the bench that can slot in everywhere.

Tim Beckham: If the Mets don’t find major league playing time for Guillorme, Beckham could be an interesting alternative as he can slot all over the infield.

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