Scanning Twitter for Marlins Uniform Leaks

It’s an open secret, maybe not even a secret anymore, that the Marlins are looking to change their uniforms in a major way for the upcoming season. Over the last two weeks or so, several designs have found themselves on twitter awaiting league approval.

The vibe is that the Marlins will officially reveal their new uniforms in November which is around when major rebrands happen anyway (sometime around the holiday season, after the official end of the current year, etc).

Depending on how you count, this will be the 3rd or the 4th Marlins overhaul of their logo (see it all here). There’s the original fish and the teal/green color from 1993-2011. Then, when they signed Jose Reyes no less along with a bunch of players, they rebranded completely from the Florida Marlins to the Miami Marlins rendering the F in their logo useless. They took on a more Miami palette of colors as well. They did change their logo again slightly in 2017, removing the black from the inner part of the Marlins M. If you feel strongly about it, you could call it their 3rd generation of jerseys, otherwise it’s their second generation of jerseys part 2.

If the above leaks pan out, the Marlins will look quite different next year. I’m saving judgment right now until we see the whole set.

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