MLB Uses the Worst Stats for the Final All-Star Vote: Let’s Fix That

The MLB just released the final fan vote for the last spot in the All-Star game by sending out this tweet:

Even though baseball as a whole has gotten better about recognizing OBP, it’s not mentioned at all. RBI’s are hampered by both the success of the players around the player recording the RBI and sometimes is an arbitrary call by the score keeper.

So Let’s Make This Better:

Max Muncy: .270/.410/1.027, 2.8 WAR
Jesús Aguilar: .303/.364/.610, 2.4 WAR
Matt Carpenter: .256/.363/.502, 2.9 WAR
Brandon Belt: .296/.387/.504, 2.9 WAR
Trea Turner: .282/.359/.425, 3.5 WAR

And Just For Fun:

Brandon Nimmo: .261/.384/.517, 2.4 WAR
(So I guess I can’t be sour Nimmo is not on the list)

(It’s possible to read this as Nimmo must be as good as Aguilar based on WAR, but Aguilar, Nimmo have less playing time than Turner. Ultimately it will probably be and should be Aguilar voted in as he leads the National league in Slugging)

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