Game Preview: Mets @ Marlins

During the 5th inning, there was a glimpse that the ride was over. The Marlins scored 4 runs in the frame taking the lead, Bour woke up, the Mets were going to lose a game. But this is the 2018 Mets and they have fight! They tied, and then Bour did it again, and it that losing feeling started to creep back. Except not for the Mets who immediately responded with a Flores homer and then a Cabrera homer to tie the game. Cespedes, slumping, pushed the winning runs across and now the the Mets have the best start in franchise history! They look to keep the good times going tonight.

Wheeler makes his first start of the season tonight. Wheeler struggled in Spring Training and it looked like he was going to be bumped from the rotation for sure with Vargas on the team. Then Vargas got injured and a window opened for Wheeler however he struggled so much in Spring, he was sent to Vegas and Lugo took his spot. In a surprise turn of events, Lugo ended up being such an asset in the bullpen that the Mets find themselves turning to Wheeler. Last year he was 3-7 over 17 starts and 86.1 innings with a 5.21 ERA, 5.03 FIP, 1.587 WHIP and 81 ERA+. In his one start against the Marlins last year he allowed 5 runs off 6 hits and 1 walk in 4.0 innings of work while striking out 4. The Marlins have the following numbers against Zack:

  • Prado 3-8
  • Dietrich 2-6, 3B, 2 BB
  • Castro 2-6
  • Maybin 1-4, BB
  • Bour 0-2

The Mets bats will get the first career start for Jarlin Garcia tonight who has already tossed 10.0 innings of relief this year over 2 games. In that stretch he allowed 2 runs off 5 hits and 4 walks while striking out 8. Last year he pitched 68 games out of the pen totaling 53.1 innings with a 4.73 ERA, 4.23 FIP, 1.200 WHIP and 86 ERA+. He was very good against the Mets last year. In 4.0 innings over 5 games, he held the Mets hit-less with 2 walks and 2 K’s. The Mets have the following numbers against Jarlin:

  • Bruce 0-3
  • Cabrera 0-1
  • Flores 0-1
  • Gonzalez 1-1
  • Reyes 0-0, BB

Who’s hotter than the weather warm up coming this way at the end of this week?
Cespedes who has a game winning hit in two games this road trip!

Who’s colder than a car battery on a January morning?
Cespedes, who’s only two hits in his last 22 AB’s have been game winning hits. That helps make him not cold though.

Let’s Go Mets!

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