Things I Ate at the Ballpark – A Cricket

I love baseball. I love food.

When I went to Seattle, I knew I would have to eat some crickets before leaving. I didn’t want to get a whole portion of them. Not because I think crickets are gross but if beer costs about 10 dollars and fries are at least 5 dollars, I didn’t want to know how much a portion of crickets were. (I found out the day after having them it’s only $4 for a portion, a bargain!)

I was with The 7 Line Army and the event I was banking on occurred. Someone got crickets and started asking if anyone wanted one. I bolted up, saying “Yes!” I’ve had 4 beers at that point. Normally I’m too shy to ask / accept offers of food. The beer was part of this cricket plan. I drink for crickets? Sure. Are you laughing? No. That’s why I hear crickets. Delicious. Part of the plan.

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