Things I Ate at the Ballpark – Tachos in Seattle

I love baseball. I love food. I love eating at ballparks.

If you remember last week, you also know I love nachos.
If you remember that than:
1) You’re my Mom. Hi Mom.
2) You remember my eating habits. I guess that’s flattering. Or weird.
3) You made an assumption that I’m human (mostly safe bet) and that I love nachos (even safer bet)

Nachos are great. Tachos are even better. Here’s a pic of some tachos I ate in Seattle:

Look cheese on food is great. Fried potatoes are great. Banana peppers are great. Everything about this great. Now I want tachos. It’s 9:30 in the morning. I’m ok with my life decisions*

*Actually its 9:39 PM on 1/15 when I wrote this but whatever.

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