2017 Mets Stats Projections: Paul Sewald

We made it to the last pitcher we found projections to report! Tomorrow we start hitters.

Paul Sewald
2016 (Minors) 65.2 5-3 3.29 21 80 1.203
ZiPS 59 3.97 20 66 1.22

Paul is an unusual player to include on this list, he’s the only player who is not on the 40 man, and the only player who has only website projecting him, but it’s a good one.

I’ve included him mainly because if there is one pitcher on the 40 man that I think has a strong shot of being called up, it’s Sewald. He put up tremendous numbers in Las Vegas last year and really is a matter of time until he is called up.

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Article Written on 2/26, stats collected 2/19 and may have changed after collection. Not all sources above may have been used in this article specifically but were used in judgment calls for reliability of the data

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