Wild Card Game Preview: Giants vs Mets

The Mets and Giants took very different paths to get to tonight’s Wild Card show down in Queens. The Mets, the current National League Champions, were hampered by injuries all season that decimated their pitching staff and sidelined a sizable portion the bats. The Giants were running away with the division and then went into a massive slump that led them here. However, they have one of the best pitchers in the game. The Mets can make the same claim and the Mets had to run through some of the best pitchers in the game last year, so let’s dive into tonight’s match-up!

Syndergaard is 14-9 over 31 games and 30 starts this year over 183.2 innings with a 2.60 ERA. His final start of the season was strong as he held the Marlins to 1 ER over 6.0 innings while allowing 5 hits and striking out 8. Way back in May he had a rough start against the Giants on a dreary Sunday allowing 4 ER over 5.2 innings. Near the end of August he dominated the Giants holding them scoreless and to 2 hits over 8.0 innings. The Giants have the following numbers against Noah:

  • Belt 0-6, 3 BB
  • Crawford 2-8
  • Pagan 0-5
  • Panik 2-6
  • Posey 3-6
  • Span 0-6
  • Pence 1-5, HR
  • Blanco 0-3

The Mets bats draw Madison Bumgarner who is 15-9 over 34 starts and 226.2 innings this year with a 2.74 ERA, his best season of his career in terms of ERA (he also finished as season with 4 complete games for the 3rd time in a row). In his last two starts hehas allowed 8 ER over 13.1 innings while walking 2 and striking out 10. In his first time against the Mets he allowed no runs and 3 walks over 6.0 innings and at the end of August he allowed 4 ER over 5.0 innings (so basically the reverse of Thor). The Mets have the following numbers against Bumgarner:

  • Bruce 3-23, HR
  • K Johnson 7-20
  • Loney 2-13, 2B
  • Cespedes 3-10, 2B
  • Lagares 1-9
  • Reyes 3-9
  • Cabrera 3-7
  • Rene Rivera 2-3, 2B, HR
  • T.J. Rivera 2-3

Let’s Go Mets!

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