Terry Hints at Mets Position Battle in Centerfield

Terry Collins hinted at a Mets position battle in Center Field yesterday on Mets Hot Stove between Chris Young and Juan Lagares. I’m hoping that this is Terry being more political than anything else because statistically speaking Juan Lagares should be in center. Chris Young is an above average fielder but Lagares has proven to be ridiculous. Last year one could, I did, make the case for Juan Lagares to win a golden glove.

Juan Lagares should be in the outfield.

Curtis Granderson should be in the outfield.

Most of the time, Chris Young should be in the outfield.

And, there are three outfield positions! The question where does this leave Eric Young Jr. and Lucas Duda. Both could platoon with Chris Young and there could be heavy rotation in the outfield, maybe Lagares gets mixed into that rotation more often than a normal player does (one day off every week rather than two?)

My rationale comes down to defense and need. Lagares, Granderson and Chris Young are the three best defenders in the Mets outfield. Lagares has the potential to do something special in the outfield after his season last year.

David Wright needs protection in the line up. Granderson then has to play every day. Besides, why do you get Granderson if you don’t play him everyday? Luckily no one is suggesting he won’t play every day so this is a mute point.

This leads to three players for the last outfield spot: Duda, Chris Young and Eric Young Jr. It should come down to Spring Training to shake this down.

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