2014 Uniform Change: New Jersey for the Dodgers

The Dodgers released a road alternate yesterday and, at least in my opinion, it is pretty pointless, maybe even a step down from their standard road uniform:

(Image from MLB.com)

On looks, it is a fine jersey. Standard color, classic script and iconic red numbers. It looks nice.

The problem is it is way too similar to their road uniforms, which are my favorite road uniforms in baseball besides the Mets, that say “Los Angeles” across the front. That’s a solid jersey! This one is identical in every way except it says “Dodgers”. Is it really needed then?

Part of this critique comes from following the tradition of having your moniker on your road jersey or your city name. Classically it should be your city. Four or Five seasons ago when the Orioles made the switch back to “Baltimore” on the road uniforms, it was a much better look. Here’s hoping these Dodger road uniforms don’t get too much wear on the road, especially in Queens.

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