2014 Uniform Change: Chicago Cubs New Road Alternate

In coordination with the 100th anniversary of Wrigley, the Cubs showed off 10 new jerseys last week. In that misleading statement, only one of them, a Road Alternate, is a uniform in the regular rotation. They will have 9 throwback uniforms, which we’ll look at when the Cubs wear them on the field. Anyway, here’s the new Cubs uniform via:

It’s classy and retro. I hope they wear it to Citi FIeld this year!

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3 Responses to 2014 Uniform Change: Chicago Cubs New Road Alternate

  1. M D Rosenbluh says:

    All this is a smokescreen instead of good baseball they give us this. As a lifelong suffering Cub fan living in the Northeast, I can tell you- the Yankees don’t need uniform changes and all that. Even the Red Sox don’t. For a while the ownership of the Cubs filled the park without doing much, but not anymore.

  2. Doc says:

    why not change the alternate road jersey and put CHICAGO on the front in red…advertise and market our product….the new gray looks great, but the C-bear looks cheesy

  3. Doc says:

    love the new throwbacks and the new alternate road uniform, but still think we need to market our Cubbie Blue Road Jersey with CHICAGO in red and white Block Lettering,….it will let everyone know the team is from Chicago, and not a C with a walking bear….I also like our old cubbie caricature face in our home Blue….we do need some marketing changes.

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