Mets Free Agent Pitching Market Gets Murkier (or just more expensive)

It’s looking more and more like the Mets will have to overpay for starting pitching with track record this off-season.

The two big pitching contracts this off-season have both come from San Francisco with a 2-year, 35 million dollar deal with Lincecum and a 2-year, 23 million dollar deal with Hudson. Teams like Atlanta were looking to offer him an amount lower than the 9 million he got last season. Tim had a great season last year but he also broke his ankle.

This means other pitchers could easily be looking at more money and more years. Before this signing I thought that Roy Halladay would have to settle for a one year deal but this deal throws in doubt.

The Mets were never in the market for pitchers like Nolasco or Ervin Santana but they are in the market for Arroyo. A two year deal for Hudson pushes the likely hood that it will take 3-4 years to get Arroyo (and if its three years, it would be overpaid). This does mean that if the Mets would trade Niese or Gee, the price for them rises considerably, but the Mets already need a starter.

I’m still curious to see what the Mets first move will be.

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