Mets Bullpen Takes A Hit: LaTroy Hawkins Signs with the Rockies

Hawkins has reached a 1-year deal with the Rockies for 2.5 million (Source. Source.)

The contract comes with a 2.25 million option and a 250 K buyout.

The word right now is Hawkins will be the closer in Colorado. As of now there is no word if the Mets offered a contract but I find it hard to believe the money in this case was the issue, my gut right now says its the closer part. The Mets have a closer in Parnell and Vic Black is looking towards the closer road. In addition, the Mets have Familia and Mejia that could at some point push themselves in that position.

Hawkins is stronger in the bullpen then Black/Familia/Mejia next season and he’ll be missed as he became a rock in the back end of the rotation. It doesn’t destroy the Mets off-season, but it makes it more necessary that the Mets make a major positive move.

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