MLB Hot Stove Is Officially Lit – Mets Overall Questions Review

You can make the very strong argument that the Hot Stove has been lit, especially for the Mets, for a while now (and I’d actually make an argument that with constant news coverage of typical “off-season” stories that the Hot Stove never really goes out during the year) but with the Red Sox winning the World Series last night the off season is now in full swing.

The Mets already took care of one of two of their primary concerns for the off-season:

  1. Extend Terry Collins
  2. Matt Harvey to have surgery

With that off the books, here is the next set of questions for the Mets:

  1. Davis+Duda+Satin = 1 almost decent firstbasemen. Considering that Duda or Davis could be healthy all season, right now one could assume they would produce near the same amount. So what happens to the other? Could they be moved in a trade?
  2. Corner Outfield: Mets could use a true clean up hitter OR a true lead-off hitter. OR both.
  3. Shortstop: The Internal options fell way short of expectations last year.
  4. Veteran Starter: With Harvey out, the Mets rotation becomes that much weaker. In addition to the yearly stacking up of internal options for starters, the Mets could use a dependable starter in the rotation, one who as early as Spring Training instill good habits in the Mets young crop of starters.
  5. Can the Mets resign Hawkins? Who leads up to the closer?
  6. The 40-Man crunch the Mets are currently in.

Well, I’m curious to see how these questions are answered in the upcoming months.

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