Mets and Ex-Mets In The World Baseball Classic

The only current Met that is playing in the WBC this year is David Wright (although Johan Santana wants to play).  The rosters are all currently provisional, so there could be more Mets and exMets added at a later date. I tried to include players who may have been in the Mets farm system at one point in time, but that can be a bit tricky to track. If I forgot anyone please put them in the comments.  The following list rounds out former Mets players who we have a chance to root for again:

– Heath Bell (USA)
– RA Dickey (USA)
– Luis Ayala (Mexico)
– Oliver Perez (Mexico)
– Rod Barajas (Mexico)
– Adam Loewen (Canada)
– Francisco Rodriguez (Venezuela)
– Nelson Figueroa (Puerto Rico)
– Carlos Beltran (Puerto Rico)
– Jesus Feliciano (Puerto Rico)
– Angel Pagan (Puerto Rico)
– Jose Reyes (Dominican Republic)
– Carlos Gomez (Dominican Republic)
– Fernando Martinez (Spain)
– Jae Seo (South Korea)
– Kazuo Matsui (Japan)


As the weeks tick closer to the classic more players will be added to the rosters (when you look at the rosters, some teams barely have an OF set up). I expect some additional players to be put on this list and probably some players will have to be removed. Right before the classic, we’ll do an update here.

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