2013 Uniform Change: Batting Practice Hat For Every MLB Team

Uni Watch Blog, specifically Paul Lukas, posted a link to his column at ESPN today that goes over every new BP hat, all 36 of them. Go read his column and come back.

You back yet?

Yes? Awesome.

I agree almost completely with his analysis. First off, these designs are so much better than the BP hats of the 2000’s that had those odd lines and loops and stretch material to make that hat more breathable or something. The end result was a hat that looked awful if you didn’t curl the brim and wear it forward, and it still looked pretty bad if you did that.

The new Mets hat is awesome. I love the mix match brim to top with Mr. Met as a logo. Perfect.

The Astros are donning my second favorite hat, mainly because I love when teams try to incorporate several types of history in the same hat. The Astros have their new/old H in star logo, and it is circled with a tequila sunrise.

The only hat that is terrible, and I mean terrrrrible, is the Atlanta Braves hat. Over the last several years, the Braves have done a good job of suppressing their racist logo history past. Than this hat happened. I’m not even going to link to it, you can view it above in the column. It’s the old Braves logo. Whenever I think about the Braves, Indians or Washington Redskins, among other teams, I think back to this political comic. At some point as a country we will need to overturn this notion of tradition for sensibility.


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