Dickey To Toronto Happening Any Day Now (Players Involved / Reasons For Delays)

(tl;dr version: If you followed the story all day yesterday, there is nothing really new this morning except a bunch of people reporting that trades like this take time)


The Dickey to Toronto trade is almost completed, but has been imminent for at least a day now.

Yesterday afternoon, at around 3:00, the magnitude of the trade was revealed, and the delay in the trade made a lot more sense. As of right now:

Toronto Gets:
– Dickey
– Thole
– Additional Prospect

New York Gets:
– d’Arnaud
– Syndergaard
– Buck
– Additional Prospect

In order to make this trade work, Toronto wants to sign Dickey to a two year extension. Also, medical reports for all of the players involved need to be signed. Let’s be conservative and say that Toronto gets 48 hours to negotiate with Dickey. All of these are reasons why this process could get held up.

For the Mets, this is huge. For two years now we’ve been talking about rebuilding, but last year we didn’t take it seriously. The only rebuilding item we did was letting Reyes walk. 2o11 was the last major rebuilding piece by acquiring Wheeler from the Giants. If the Dickey trade goes through, then the Mets have greatly improved their farm system. This upcoming year will be the first time in a while the Mets have several young players that across the league are regarded as fantastic young players:

– Harvey
– Wheeler
– d’Arnaud
– Syndergaard
– Cecchini
– Nimmo
– Flores

The real story here is that Sandy Alerson, even though we have criticized him a lot recently, myself included, has acquired a top pitching prospect (Wheeler) and hitting prospect (d’Arnaud).  Last year I was excited about 2013, but for no reason when it came to the lineup, it was a self-delusion excitement. Now there is legitimate excitement for 2014. Also this means that the Mets will have Niese/Wheeler/Harvey/Syndegaard in a rotation by 2015, with Mejia/Familia in the pen or as replacements in the rotation if things go wrong.

I love Dickey as a player and what he did for the Mets last year, he was the reason to watch games, but it is hard not to get excited about this trade.

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