Mets Winter Meeting Round Up: Setting Up For Later Action or Anticlimactic?

Winter Meetings ended yesterday and the Mets made one gigantic splash! It was great! Did you hear about? It was really monumental!

The Mets selected Lobstein from the Rays in the Rule V draft, then immediately traded him to the Tigers for cash considerations.


Alright, sarcasm aside, that made sense, sorta. The Mets said that they wouldn’t draft anyone in the Rule V draft, but they knew the Tigers were really interested in this player, so for some “petty” cash, this wasn’t a bad move.

Outside from the Lobstein for cash trade, the only move the Mets made was finalizing the Wright contract, and the Mets terrible new alternate hat.


The rest of the week was a lot of talk. Are the Mets going to trade Dickey? How many teams want Dickey? Will we trade Niese? Hairston on a two-year deal? Prospects for JP? Sign Olivo? The space below is my attempt to put together the rumors said on Twitter the most:

  • The Mets pushed hard for a trade with the Royals for Myers. In the end, the Myers wanted Niese AND Wheeler. Which is a no deal.
  • The Mets talked to at least 8 teams for Dickey. There have been reports that they have legitimate trade offers on the table but didn’t take it for one reason or another
  • Hairston and the Mets seem hopeful for a reunion, but the Mets wisely are hesitant about a two year deal
  • The extension of Dickey with the Mets seems to be over money, Executives think the Mets are leaning towards extending him

So in the end, we don’t know a lot this week that we didn’t know before but on the whole this isn’t the Mets fault. With the exception of some rash signings by the Angels and Red Sox, this has been a quiet Winter Meetings as executives are waiting for Grienke and Hamilton to sign, which has put a hold on crazy trade activity.

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