Buffalo Bisons Unveil Their New Look (Logo History)

Before 2008, the Bisons were an affiliate of the Cleveland Indians and donned this look:

In my personal opinion, it was creepy. I did enjoy how the “Bisons” script looked like that old style of post card, however it didn’t make up for how much is going on with this logo (probably would have been better without the sand and the plate)

Then the Mets came to town, and the logo updated:

I loved this logo. It incorporated elements of the Mets while making uniquely Buffalo. Also, being a Mets team, there was some bias on my part. However, Buffalo is now a Toronto team, so this logo had to go:

Good job Buffalo! This new logo brings back the “classic” Buffalo baseball player, but they did a good job not making him look creepy. With the addition of the circular baseball motif, this logo set as the opportunity to be a classy logo and a classy uniform set.  This logo is also a nice shout-out to old primary logo, seen below (ignore the additional sliding buster)

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