What the Astros’ New BP Jersey means for the Mets

A couple of days ago, the Astros unveiled the worst kept secret this offseason as they showed off their new uniforms. We’ll step through later this week.

An interesting note was made about the Astros BP uniform, that it will double as the Astros second alternative uniform on Sundays for games:

So far this doesn’t impact the Mets at all, until you put the pieces together about the Mets uniforms for next year. Rumors have been circulating that the Mets will have two new Blue alternate uniforms, but one of them sounded identical to the BP uniform the Mets had last year. That would mean the Mets would either need a new batting practice uniform, which is still a possibility, and would be the 7th uniform for the Mets next year. Or the Mets may double on their blue uniform and wear it during games. Or, the BP and the Blue uniform would look identical and just be made out of different material.

I guess we’ll find out in two weeks.

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