2012 Mets Draft Preview 1: 2012 MLB Draft Order

With the season underway, and Type A and Type B signings done, MLB officially released the draft order for the 2012 draft:

First Round:

  1. Houston Astros
  2. Minnesota Twins
  3. Seattle Mariners
  4. Baltimore Orioles
  5. Kansas City Royals
  6. Chicago Cubs
  7. San Diego Padres
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates
  9. Miami Marlins
  10. Colorado Rockies
  11. Oakland Athletics
  12. New York Mets
  13. Chicago White Sox
  14. Cincinnati Reds
  15. Cleveland Indians
  16. Washington Nationals
  17. Toronto Blue Jays
  18. Los Angels Dodgers
  19. St. Louis Cardinals (From Angels/Pujols)
  20. San Francisco Giants
  21. Atlanta Braves
  22. Toronto Blue Jays (From Unsigned/Beede)
  23. St. Louis Cardinals
  24. Boston Red Sox
  25. Tampa Bay Rays
  26. Arizona Diamondbacks
  27. Milwaukee Brewers (From Detroit/Fielder)
  28. Milwaukee Brewers
  29. Texas Rangers
  30. New York Yankees
  31. Boston Red Sox (From Philly/Papelbon)

Compensation Round:

32. Minnesota Twins (Cuddyer)
33. San Diego Padres (Bell)
34. Oakland Athletics (Willingham)
35. New York Mets (Reyes)
36. St. Louis Cardinals (Pujols)
37. Boston Red Sox (Papelbon)
38.  Milwaukee Brewers (Fielder)
39. Texas Rangers (Wilson)
40. Philadelphia Phillies (Madson)
41. Houston Astros (Barnes)
42. Minnesota Twins (Kubel)
43. Chicago Cubs (Ramirez)
44. San Diego Padres (Harang)
45. Pittsburgh Pirates (Doumit)
46. Colorado Rockies (Ellis)
47. Oakland Athletics (De Jesus)
48. Chicago White Sox (Buehrle)
49. Cincinnati Reds (Hernandez)
50. Toronto Blue Jays (Francisco)
51. Los Angeles Dodgers (Barajas)
52. St. Louis Cardinals (Dotel)
53. Texas Rangers (Oliver)
54. Philadelphia Phillies (Ibanez)
55. San Diego Padres (Austin)
56. Chicago Cubs (Pena)
57. Cincinnati Reds (Cordero)
58. Toronto Blue Jays (Rauch)
59. St. Louis Cardinals (Jackson)
60. Toronto Blue Jays (Molina)

Second Round:

61. Houston Astros
62. Oakland Athletics (Willingham/MIN)
63. Minnesota Twins
64. Seattle Mariners
65. Baltimore Orioles
66. Kansas City Royals
67. Chicago Cubs
68. San Diego Padres
69. Pittsburgh Pirates
70. San Diego Padres (Bell/MIA)
71. New York Mets (Reyes/MIA)
72. Minnesota Twins (Cuddyer/COL)
73. Colorado Rockies
74. Oakland Athletics
75. New York Mets
76. Chicago White Sox
77. Philadelphia Phillies (Madson/CIN)
78. Cincinnati Reds
79. Cleveland Indians
80. Washington Nationals
81. Toronto Blue Jays
82. Los Angeles Dodgers
83. Texas Rangers (Willson / LAA)
84. San Francisco Giants
85. Atlanta Braves
86. St. Louis Cardinals
87. Boston Red Sox
88. Tampa Bay Rays
89. New York Yankees (Stafford / Unsigned)
90. Arizona Diamondbacks
91. Detroit Tigers
92. Milwaukee Brewers
93. Texas Rangers
94. New York Yankees
95. Philadelphia Phillies


When looking at the list, I was surprised to see the Mets getting compensation for Reyes at 71. I thought, for some odd reason, that the Mets wouldn’t get their compensation pick until the third round.

Anyway, this year the Mets will get four picks in the first 75 picks of the draft including the 12th, 35th, 71st and 75th. The Mets are in an interesting position right now as they have a slew of pitchers coming down the pipe. Last year in the draft they picked a mixture of high school and college players in the first round. In later previews, we will dive into who the Mets will be looking for.

The Cardinals will be retooling in this draft as they have 5 picks in the first round in the draft. The Blue Jays also have 5 picks, as they look to position themselves to climb with young talent.


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