Obligatory Jose Reyes Article

Well here it is, the obligatory Jose Reyes article.

Reyes, the player who dominated the off season headlines for the Mets, makes his return to Queens tonight.

Before you jump out at, “he dominated headlines” let me explain myself, because he did. There has been so much press on Jose Reyes, myself included, that you can break Reyes articles into a series of genres:

  • Jose Left Us!
  • Jose didn’t leave us, he was never offered a contract!
  • Jose claims he didn’t feel the love from the Mets organization!
  • Jose is the enemy!
  • Jose is still a hero!
  • Jose is overrated!
  • Jose is just playing for the money!
  • Nothing wrong with Jose playing for the money!
  • Jose leaving the Mets is just like how he ended his batting championship crow!
  • Jose is getting video tribute!
  • Jose shouldn’t get a video tribute!
  • Jose should get a video tribute.

There is nothing wrong with any of this. We have a strong connection with Reyes because he was with the team for so long. Seeing him on another team is rough and brings out knee jerk reactions, and then knee jerk reactions to those knee jerk reactions, and then knee jerk reactions about having knee jerk reactions to knee jerk reaction (probably where this article falls)

Welcome back to Queens Jose. I personally don’t harbor any negative feelings, and I understand why you made the move. If I was at the game tomorrow, I would give you a polite cheer, but quickly hate you for getting a hit. It’s our new relationship dynamic.


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