Remaining Potential Moves for the Mets

With the Winter Meetings wrapping up, what is left for the Mets?

Although the Mets didn't chase after Reyes, they didn't lie down and do nothing this Winter. They brought up their back up plan (or first plan, unclear at this point) which is to 1) have a competitive team in 2012 (basically a team that doesn't give up) and 2) prepare to make a run at strong contention in 2014 when the Mets farm system mature.

In accordance with that plan, they didn't sign any players to long deals (and probably more analysis on that later) and signed bullpen players that fortify the team for next year. They are also pursuing trades for players that will bring back prospects that will mature around the same time as Harvey, Wheeler, etc.

What do the Mets have left to do? Well for next year they either need or still could use:

– One Starter

– Back up Catcher (although they have internal options)

– 4th OF

– 2 or 3 Bench Players

The news out of Mets camp yesterday was that they are also listening to offers for Niese. I don't quite understand this, since he is a proven young pitcher, but if they are blown away from an offer, they would pull the trigger on the deal. The Mets want a starter they can use now, and then two prospects. One of the prospects will probably have to be a highly touted position player to help the pitching heavy 2014 Mets. There was also some news that were shopping Davis, but unless some is going to trade in their entire farm system, I just don't really see that happening (although since there are so few sellers this off-season, someone might trade their farm system for Davis)

(Side Note: Trading for Andres Torres basically puts a “Never Happening” stamp on the Aaron Rowand Plan I was supporting earlier this week)

Basically, for the Mets to accomplish their two goals, and fill their current needs within budget, I do wonder how much they will rely on the Rule V draft today. Last year we got Pedro Beato, so I have high hopes for this year.

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