Spring Training Game 2 and 3 – Postgame

Yesterday was a big day for three Mets players in particular. There were three pitchers eying the rotation that got an opportunity to show their stuff. First up was Capuano, who got the home start against the University of Michigan yesterday. He tossed 3 innings, allowing one earned run over three hits while walking none and striking out 4. It was a very positive start for a player trying to prove his health and that he should be in the rotation.

Also trying to prove his health yesterday was Chris Young who threw a nasty two perfect innings against the Braves in the away game. The only thing Atlanta could do against him was strike out twice. He looked good, or at least the commentary on the radio made it sound like he looked good, and he had good command of not only his fastball, but was also showing off his 12-6 curve. So good job for him as well.

Finally, there was Oliver Perez. It was already going to be an uphill battle for Oliver, who if Young and Capuano succeed, then he really doesn't have a spot on this team. His first start didn't help his case so much. He had some bad defense behind him, but ultimately in the second inning, Perez did himself in. Oliver pitched two innings allowing 4 earned runs on 4 hits with 3 walks and 2 strikeouts. You may be able to forgive one run from his first inning, maybe, but the rest of his outing was trash. Oliver walked in a run, didn't throw strikes. When he did throw strikes, he was good, getting three strikeouts, but that is also typical Perez. He does good an bad in the same inning, and sadly, the bad is overwhelmingly taking over the good we see in terms of results. Things are looking pretty bleak for the Mets starter.

Another pitcher had a good day yesterday, looking to make some space for him. Pat Misch pitched three scoreless innings allowing only one hit and 2 K's. Hopefully we can find somewhere for him.

The offense wasn't bad in either game yesterday, but I didn't want to focus on that right now with so many pitching stories going on.

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