Game Recap: Mets Beat Cards, Cards Beat Sign

The Mets finally won a series (for the first time since Twins series in June) as they took the rubber game of a three game set against a very good St. Louis team. The Mets once again won this afternoon thanks to a big hit and it was provided this time by Ike Davis who crushed a 3-run shot out to centerfield. After that the Mets tacked on another run later in the game (via Carlos Beltran) to make the game 4-0. The multi-run homer has alluded the Mets for the majority of this year, but in this last series they have seem to found it again thanks to a variety of players.

The four runs were all the Mets needed today because everyone (or soon to be everyone, I'll launch a campaign if I have to) favorite Met, R.A. Dickey cruised through this game. He ended up pitching 8.1, 3 hit, scoreless innings as he kept the Cards guessing all afternoon (well not all afternoon, it was a fairly quick game). He got into some trouble in the ninth allowing two runners on with one out vs Pujols so Krod came in and…..Didn't Make It Interesting! He popped up Pujols and then struck out Holliday to make it a clean two up two down rest of the inning and he notched his 22nd save of the game.

There was also a comical moment in the bottom of the eigth as a wild pitch from MacDougal went into the advertisement behind the plate and ripped a hole in it. This is of course pictured above.

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