August 2010 National League Promotions

In the second installment for the Major Leagues best promotions. Today we look at the National League, which on the whole, will be much more interesting in August 2010 than the American League. There has been one common theme between the two leagues, the catcher bags for kids. I guess all the teams were pitched this last offseason and a lot of them said yes? I'm not sure, but there are a lot of them.

Atlanta: The Braves will be having a very special Hall of Fame Induction this year where they will be inducting, now legendary, Tom Glavine into their hall of fame. It is beyond special because the Braves will also be raising up the #47 as the retire the number.

Florida: Seriously what is up with all of the Catcher style bookbags this month? Well the Marlins will have their Baker bag:

Washington: Fans are getting DVD's in the District this month. DVD's of Strasburg's debut. Even if he was a New York Met, I would think this promotion is a little much, but whatever:

Cinncy: Yep, another team with the catcher's bag:

Houston: Also has to join in the catcher bag fad:

Brewers: Some great bobbles this month out of one of the more creative franchises. First up they have one of the racing sausages in a bobble. Next, they celebrate the decades with a rental player, CC. Yeah, they are really doing that:

Pittsburgh: A bobble with attitude. Oh, and they have a bag as well:

Arizona: This is a first, they will be giving a replica of not their actual stadium, but their Spring Stadium. Bizarre.

LA Dodgers: Sometimes you see a bobblehead that makes you go “wow”. This is one of those:

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