Mets Breakfast: Lidge, SI, Braves, HR, Pitcher For the Mets

Some quick hits to go with your Friday morning glazed doughnut:

1) A slew of players are being activated today across the league and one big name that will impact the Mets is Brad Lidge who will join Phills tonight in Philly

2) The Mets made a huge jump in the SI power rankings from 21 last week to 8 this week. Philly dropped from 4 to 5 (citing a slight drop because of injury. Since the team was 6-1 with Rollins and 6-8 without, but by the logic the Mets were #1 last season).

3) The Braves have now slumped to a 9 game losing streak. Yeeeeeesh.

4) Who leads the Majors in homers? Paul Konerko with 10. Who's in second? Kelly Johnson with 9. Maybe the Braves should have kept him. I remember being very excited about Johnson leaving the East when he did.

5) Marquis, the pitcher made for the Mets, is on the DL.

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