Mets Breakfast: Sweep, 24, Ex-Mets

Some quick hits to go with your Thursday morning Captain Crunch:

1) The Mets beat the Dodgers 7-3 yesterday securing their second consecutive sweep.

2) The win also propelled the Mets to a 9-1 homestand, the best in over a decade. When they entered the 10 game stretch they were in last and now they are in first. The last time I can recall a 9-1 stretch being so important was in 2006. But back then the Mets already were in first place and the stretch basically put them in cruise control. This strech in 2010 takes the Mets from an abysmal April to guranteeing a winning April.

3) The game yesterday lasted only 2 hours and 41 minutes meaning that the Mets and the Dodgers played the entire three game series in a 24 hour span.

4) Wright went 2-4 yesterday raising his BA to .274.

5) Ex-Mets were critical in the Phillies win over the Giants. Figueroa got the save for the Phillies and he wouldn't have gotten the save without the tag at the plate by Brian Schneider.

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