Yahoo and ESPN Fantasy Baseball Mets Rankings

Earlier this month I posted the rankings for the Mets players, I also have the Yahoo and the ESPN rankings. Before I get to the rankings, here are couple of notes about the two providers this season. Yahoo is introducing Auction style Fantasy Baseball to their lineup, which may be an interesting thing to try. Also, ESPN has a very comprehensive preview and is extremely sortable. They also did projections for about every player, something that I will be commenting on in a future article. First up is Yahoo. After the player name, the first number represents and an overall top 100 listing, and the second number represents a position listing:

Wright (13, 3)
Reyes (21, 3)
Bay (46, 11)
Santana (55, 9)
Beltran (X, 54)
Maine (X, 76)
Krod (X, 7)

Now for the ESPN rankings. First number is the overall rankings, then the ranking on the team and finally the ranking for their positions. I'm not kidding when I said they were comprehensive, I could have kept going but I decided to stop.

Wright (12, 1, 2)
Reyes (40, 2, 5)
Bay (43, 3, 11)
Santana (54, 4, 11)
Krod (92, 5, 26)
Beltran (107, 6, 33)
Castillo (226, 7, 19)
Delgado (237, X., 29)
Maine (244, 8, 92)
Francoeur (317, 9, 81)
Murphy (344, 10, 34)

Note: When it came to ranking pitchers at their position, ESPN listed all pitchers in the same category. In other words Santana and Krod are both on the same list, where in some places they would be in seperate lits (SP, RP) and then together on the general P list.

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