The First Base Open and Designing Jerseys

First up, I posted an article at Fan Huddle about the state of the first basemen race. Basically I explain that Davis could be a more serious contender this season then previously thought, however, it still seems that Murphy will play placeholder at the major league level all season.

The other point I wanted to make here was based off of this photo taken by Michael G. Baron. If you notice, Francouer is sitting at table apparently designing a jersey. Looking in the background you can see the designer jersey last season made by Sheff as part of that line of creative Jerseys. I have one of the T-shirts from that line, the Green Murphy one, which has very classy writing on the front and the back. You can see some of the previous jerseys here. I guess from the photo at the start of this paragraph, this clothing line is being created again. (On a side note, look at the players that were involved last season, Sheff, Parnell, Murphy, Santos, and Maine. Out of them, only Maine, Murphy, and probably Parnell will be with the team this year and next year could very well only be Maine.)

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