Metsblog is Changing Spring Training

I have a completely different take on Spring Training this year and the entire reason is Metsblog. Generally every year I am excited for Spring Training, but during the first part, the weeks before the games start, I am anxious for the games to start and to see the Mets back in action. Those first two to three weeks is like knowing the food you just ordered at a restaurant is ready, and you can see it over the counter, but nobody has brought it from the kitchen to the dining room.

That has changed.

Thanks to Matt Cerrone (Metsblog), this stage of waiting is gone! Cerrone is doing something really incredible where he is streaming live batting practice and bullpen sessions. If you log onto his website during these events you can see live baseball. How awesome is that? No longer are we subjected to people writing about how someone looked throwing or hitting (I know something I do a lot, except when I do it, I'm writing about other's writing, which is probably a bad habbit), but you can actually see how that player performed.

Its amazin'. Simply amazin'.

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