Spring Training Starts Today

Spring Training starts today and for the Amazin's and they needed to reach today. A few seasons ago, it seemed like the most important Spring Training in Mets history was going to be the one after the first collapse however this one seems just as important. The Mets went into last season with high hopes and it just felt like the season was taken away thanks to all of the injuries to the roster. Since then, with pretty much the same roster, the Mets in many eyes of the National Media went from a top team in the division to a team that it would be surprising if they finished third or higher at the end of upcoming season. This is the Mets time to start to show that not only are they healthy, but they are here to compete. Its time to throwaway last season.

One of the few positives out of last season was David Wright stepping up and becoming a leader of the team and as the leader he has already been asked the tough question of Spring, the question that has gotten the Mets in a lot of trouble in previous Springs. David Wright handled the question with the best answer I have ever heard:

“We feel like we’re going to go out there and win the National League
East and go deep in the playoffs and win the World Series,”
(from Metsblog, please go there to read the rest of the quote where Wright addresses the rest of the teams in the division)

Thats the attitude the Mets need right now. They need to have the championship on the their minds because the season hasn't even started yet, there is no reason to write the Mets off. So here's to Spring Training and for the Mets actually playing baseball again. Its a great feeling and now starts the fun one and half month road to one of the most anticipated days of the year, Openning Day. the day of clean slates.

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