Playoff Drafting in the Puerto Rico Winter League

I was prepping an article about moves made this week, and how Delgado is still be considered, for some reason, for Fan Huddle recently (article not posted yet, should be later tonight and I will post a link here) and I came across something interesting from the Puerto Rico Winter League wikipedia page (and also on Metsblog).

In the Puerto Rico League, there is a draft held for teams that are still competing where they can pick up players from teams that were eliminated. That means, if you are an all-star player, you could possibly continue with a team through the post season?

Can you even imagine if that existed in the MLB? It would be as if the playoff's would be smaller versions of the All-Star game and then eventually, the World Series could basically be the All-Star game.

That is just bizarre. Now I haven't been able to find too much information on this yet, and I am sure there is some limiting fashion to this draft, and that there is a limited number of drafts (or maybe not) but think about competition. Lets use the 2009 Post Season as an example. In September, there was a back and forth battle between the Tigers and the Twins where they both just fought for the last playoff spot. According this league, it would be possible for the Twins then to draft a player for the playoffs from the Tigers, where that player probably just spent the better part of a month hating the Twins and then has to be teamates. Or lets look at the other side of that. What if the Yankees then picked up someone from the Tigers, who could tell them all of the up to date “secrets” of the Twins. This is just so strange to think about.

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