Uh…What Was That?

The title probably is a good explanation of how you feel at this point in the offseason if you still have hope in the front office to make competent decisions. If you are more cynical than your response was probably more like “Oh, that makes sense for the Mets, because it doesn't.”

Alright, so I'm being a little too harsh on the Mets but seriously Gary Matthews Jr? At least it is only for 1.25 million a year. The Mets management made this move as back up for Pagan as a back up for Beltran. The only way this move will make sense for the Mets is if Pagan, and lets hope not, gets injured, which can easily happen. But the part of this move that is puzzling is that it cost the Mets one of their suprisingly more effective pitchers from the pen.

I liked Stokes. The Mets however do not like Stokes. He could go long periods of time without seeing action, and taking that into his account his 3.97 ERA from the pen is better than it actually is. But the part of this move that is really just strange is that we still need pitching, and we have a lot of players that we could have signed to minor league deals that would probably give us the same production in the outfield that Gary Matthews will.

Compounding the disapointment in the Mets making this move is that they still have not been able to accomplish two of their main goals for this offseason. Sign/Trade a Starting pitcher to help out Johan and crew. Trade Castillo away (and sign Hudson). If those two things happen then this move will be able to be over looked, but until then this is just a frustrating move from an offseason of frustrating moves.

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