New Batting Practice Hats (All Teams)

If you ever want uniform news, I really hope you use because it is an unbelievable site. Anyway, they announced that New Era has released new BP hats for every MLB team (and this explains why the old BP hats are only $10 on the official online shops right now).

The main complaint for these hats, at least asthetically, are the inappropriate amount of piping. Below is a photo of the BP hat that Mets wore last year:

(Image from the USA Today Sports Store)

And Here is the new hat:
(From the New Era Online Store)

Before we explain the differences you can see, there is one that you can't see in the photos which is on the back of the new hat, the MLB logo is surrounded by a half circle of piping and is inset I believe in black fabric.

I have two main problems with the new hat design. The first is I am not a fan of hats that have different color piping that runs up along the top of the hat, especially when the hat is not a pinwheel design (meaning that in a pinwheel, the hat top itself, not including the bill, is several different colors). With this, I am not a fan of when official hats have multi-colored bills, its fine for hats that fans where, but looks kinda silly for MLB teams.

The second main problem I have with that hat is the colors they decided. The orange outnline along the old BP hat was really nice. Once again with this new hat, Orange takes a a back seat as a New York Mets color, which is sad.

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